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This is a group for all Original Character art. The tweak is that they will be grouped by haircolour! So if you have OC's with all kinds of colours then this is the group for you!

What you CAN submit:
* MAX 5 deviations a day
* Original characters
* Digital
* Tradigital
* Traditional
* Lineart/sketches
* Photos
* Cosplay
* Animations
* Comic pages
* Your oc drawn by anyone
* Oc's together with a canon character
* Relevant literature about hair (To the "Other" folder please)
* MAX 10 suggestions to favorites of anything

What you CANNOT submit:
* Music
* Canon characters alone
* Hardcore pornographic contents
* Landscapes alone
* Non-relevant literature
* Deviations made by someone not a member of the group

Please submit to the correct folders and I will add some of the deviations to the feature folder every now and then. I will try to give every rejected deviation the reason why.
If there is anything you think is missing then feel free to suggest improvements!

These are the folders (first ones self-explanatory)

 :bulletwhite: WHITE HAIR

 :bulletblack: BLACK HAIR

Purple Dot by Prism-urase GRAY & SILVER HAIR

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy BROWN HAIR

 :bulletblue: BLUE HAIR

 :bulletgreen: GREEN HAIR

 :bulletyellow: BLONDE HAIR

 :bulletorange: ORANGE HAIR

 :bulletred: RED HAIR

 :bulletpink: PINK HAIR

 :bulletpurple: PURPLE HAIR

:thumb174347771: SEVERAL COLOURS:

Characters with more than one colour in their hair.

:slow::stinkeye: TWO CHARACTERS:
Pictures with two characters with different haircolours.

Pictures with more than two characters with different haircolours.

:invisible: OTHER:
Characters that are bald or has something else for hair, f.ex. snakes (like Medusa), or also if they have a haircolour that doesn't fit any of the above folders.

Gallery Folders

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Hello, long lost group! x)

Welcome to the new members since my last update<3

Group updates:
I realize I'm having a hard time holding up this group all on my own,
since the amount of submissions are increasing with each day
(and this is GREAT, you are all such fantastic artists :D)!

However, I feel the need for some contributors/co-founders!
If anyone is interested, I would love for YOU to send me a note and we'll take it from there :)

I would like to address once again the members who keep submitting artwork to the "White hair"-folder just because it's on the top of the list. Please pay more attention when you submit, because if not I won't accept your submission and you'll have to re-sumbit. I always comment on wrongly submitted artwork, but it's tiresome when I get 30-40 submissions and have to go through every single one and make sure of their haircolour.

Another thing that would be super helpful and speed up the process, would be for everyone to write in their descriptions who the character belongs to, so I don't have sit there and guess :)

Since it's been so long, I've featured 4 deviations from each folder! WOOP!


is a group hosting literature contests.

This is a group devoted to contests on dA!
Read more here:…

The name really speaks for itself!

This group is particular, as it allows members to submit contest journals they are holding!

I'm not sure if this group is still active, but in the comment section at least you can find a bunch of contests, raffles and giveaways going on til this day!

Design a wolf!
Deadline: March 20th
Prizes: 1. Comic-appearance 2. Digital headshot 3. Traditional art

More info here:…

Draw their OC!
Deadline: March 31st
Prizes: Up to 650 points and requests

More info here:…

Draw one of their original characters!
Deadline: June 2nd
Prizes: 1. $100 or 2 year dA membership! 2. $50 or 1 year dA membership! 3. $15 or 3 month dA membership!

More info here:…

Draw one of their original characters!
Deadline: August 1st
Prizes: 1. $100 or 10,000 :points: 2. $60 or 6,000:points: 3. $30 or 3,000 :points: 4. $10 or 1,000 :points:

More info here: angelichellraiser.deviantart.c…

Remember that you can always tell me if you want me to feature your commission/request/etc status on the group main page. Just comment on one of the blogs with this information list:

Commissions: Y/N
Point commissions: Y/N
Requests: Y/N
Art trades: Y/N
Gifts: Y/N
Collabs: Y/N

Art examples: (Add MAX 4 art examples)



:bulletwhite:  :iconphobosfandalo: .:We do not negotiate:.

:bulletwhite:  :iconsquidwhiskers: Oh, but I can dream...

:bulletwhite:  :iconlegendarymyth: : A B E L :

:bulletwhite:  :iconpixelinkdust: Cass in Action

:bulletblack:  :iconpunkette180: Partners in Shenanigans

:bulletblack:  :iconcharcoalfeather: Kora

:bulletblack:  :iconlounabis: Ancient Egypt - Meryt-Hotep

:bulletblack:  :iconfalcodargento: Itsy bitsy spider

Purple Dot by Prism-urase :iconthe-moonsquid: Genro Audition

Purple Dot by Prism-urase :iconkayomin: Easy

Purple Dot by Prism-urase :iconlovebby: Through the Meadow!

Purple Dot by Prism-urase :icondannyjarratt: Desert Diana (Original Character)

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy :iconsesemonda: [AT] Fabian

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy :iconjoelsweet: Ingage In Traditional Healer Wear

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy  :icondeath-g-reaper: Bean

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy  :iconrivinca: Alex Lawrence

:bulletblue:  :iconcharcoalfeather: Chizuko's Birth

:bulletblue:  :iconlazdancewithme: Zephyr's Journal

:bulletblue:  :iconkimiinymph: Jellyfish

:bulletblue:  :iconkatie--baby: Tokyo Ghoul OC: Kenji Akimoto

:bulletgreen:  :iconcaptainmetal: DawnieDA's Holiday Contest - #4 Dryad *colored*

:bulletgreen:  :iconcigarscigarettes: Little Dreamers

:bulletgreen:  :iconcharcoalfeather: Zumeen

:bulletgreen:  :iconthenightwishmaster: Enigmatic Beauty

:bulletyellow:  :iconraokahijacker: day in the desert

:bulletyellow:  :iconxmarinx: Block 328

:bulletyellow:  :icondeath-g-reaper: Too many limbs and faces

:bulletyellow:  :iconjopyon: Lighthouse

:bulletorange:  :iconmagdaneela: orange purple

:bulletorange:  :iconpargafarn: Alive

:bulletorange:  :iconmachi-tai: AR: 2015 - Creepy Alice

:bulletorange:  :iconjooliejoon: Caly, the Pumpkin Queen

:bulletred:  :iconantares25: 1001MN: Her Other Side

:bulletred:  :icondamatris: Expressions - Hildr

:bulletred:  :iconcypernelli: Butterfly Effect - Ania

:bulletred:  :icongarnet-lynx: tetradrs

:bulletpink:  :iconchicky--poo: Fancy Pinky

:bulletpink:  :icondebbie-503: Rei

:bulletpink:  :iconmeb90: .:The Candy Fairy Princess:. Adoptable [OPEN]

:bulletpink:  :iconusagie07: I Cry Too (colored)

:bulletpurple:  :iconkayomin: Butterfly

:bulletpurple:  :iconkeys101: purple maiden

:bulletpurple:  :iconmulberrydreamer: Sigh

:bulletpurple:  :iconwhispersbettenoir: Toss Your Flowers

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre :iconparzifalsjudgment: Neon Pallete #III

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre :iconcloudseph: Badass Guitarist - Nero

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre :iconnicksplosivez: rebel

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre :iconthe-madness-begin: What do you want?

:slow::stinkeye: :iconsephysnu: Ghost buddy

:slow::stinkeye: :iconlovebby: BC girls

:slow::stinkeye: :iconsesemonda: kidz

:slow::stinkeye: :icondamatris: Learning to Ride

:community: :icondrache-disunki: Sail to Redemption

:community: :iconoct-willpower: {P-A Mission} Above the Treeline

:community: :iconecorynv: PIRACY WOMANS NOVEL

:community: :iconkell0x: Commission -Around the world-

:invisible: :iconwhitebetrayal: Innocence #1

:invisible: :iconchampionx91: Skeleton - Moon Ritual

:invisible: :iconjackofalltrades0097: Android Dreams

:invisible: :iconraposa7: Magic Hair

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


I could use some Co-Founders! If you're interested, contact RoninAway via PM :)




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May-Ya Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting my work into your group ;3; <3
RoninAway Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Of course! Everyone's welcome here <3
Morrigan22 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome group! :heart: Thanks for accepting my work ^.^
RoninAway Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you! We're here to please ;)
MaripazVillar Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I just joined, this group looks fun!
RoninAway Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Student General Artist
That's great, welcome! We're glad to have ya! :D
UKButterfli35 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Student General Artist
So, this group is just one were you just submit any work you want (that is your OC) into a folder with the correct matching hair colour correct?

(i am new and haven't joined a group before and like the sound of this one!!!! ^U^ )
RoninAway Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Yup, that's the gist of it! :)
Welcome to dA! :D (And thank you ^^)
Mikami-is-happy Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hohho, I like this group :3

And its title SOOO MUCH :D
Hair :3
RoninAway Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011  Student General Artist

--esome! 8D Hehe I'm glad you like it :D Welcome to the group ^^
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